Prof. Dr. G. Schönhense

Surface/ thin film analysis

Spectro- microscopy  High-Speed Electron Microscopy

Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, Institut für Physik, Staudinger Weg 7, D-55099 Mainz
phone// fax secretary (Mrs. Liebscher): ++49 (0)6131 39 22276 // 23807

Short introduction to surface physics and research of our group;  List of publications

The AG Komet334 is involved within the MWFZ - Rheinland-Pfalz

Our research is focused on electron microscopy and spectroscopy of surfaces using Photoemission Electron Microscopes (PEEM). Imaging with spatial resolutions (up to 20 nm) and laterally resolved XAS (X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy) and XPS (X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy) at synchrotron radiation sources is done on thin films and magnetic microstructures. Time resolved detection (150 ps) using 2D delay-line devices allows imaging of magnetisation dynamics.

Characterisation of ultrathin films (corrosion of magnetic storage media, thin (1,5 nm) carbon coatings and nucleation phenomena of single crystalline diamond films) is an additional field of work. Using pulsed laser excitation sources, we examine electron emission mechanisms of micro- and nanostructured samples.

The theoretical work is focused in the explanation of the electron excitation and the determination of local electrical and magnetic fields at the surface of structured samples.

You are invited to read the reports of current work!

Application of time-resolved photoemission electron microscopy for real-time observation of magnetic processes

Examinations of hard disc corrosion by combined XAS- and XPS- spectroscopy using X-PEEM and the ‘Nano-ESCA’

Ferroelectric electron emission from the free surface of Triglycine-sulphate (TGS)

Magnetic Properties of Heusler-Alloys

Multiphoton photoemission spectromicroscopy

NanoESCA: Imaging XPS with resolution below 200nm

Nano-XAS and Nano-XPS with X-PEEM

Observation of electron emission from island metal films caused by tunnel current

Transmission Photoelectron Microscopy of Diatoms at the Multilayer Monochromator Beamline U125-1/ML at BESSY II

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